season 1, EPISODE 2

Carol's work as an architect and designer

In the second episode, Caroline talks about her work as an architect/interior design in Hong Kong. Anne and Caroline discuss how her interior design business is adapting to COVID-19 challenges.

Topics Covered:

00:19 - Anne’s introduction and her co-host Caroline.

1:17 - Caroline talks about her 2-year-old daughter, and her zoom classes. Anne and Caroline discuss the new normal of online schooling and private tutors.

3:52 - Caroline talks about her work as an architect/interior designer in Hong Kong for 8 years, and her practice with her husband Kevin. They manage a small team of designers, and work with clients with interior renovation needs, mainly focusing on hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces.

4:58 - Caroline talks about how COVID-19 has affected their company and their clients. She talks about the current on-going hotel project, but businesses are slow to start new projects, because of the hotel and restaurant industries.

5:31 - Caroline and Anne discuss the dining restrictions and safety measures and dine-in restrictions in Hong Kong vs Chicago.

7:05 - Anne asked about how COVID-19 impacted Caroline’s business operations. Caroline talks about how OPENUU adapted to work from home.

8:12 Caroline discussed how client meetings changed from face-to-face meetings to online calls.

10:02 - Caroline and Anne discuss the process of material selection.

11:00 - Next week’s topic is about Caroline’s restaurant Mean Noodles, and how they pivoted during COVID-19.

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