season 1, EPISODE 3

Carol's restaurant Mean Noodles

In our third episode, Caroline talks about her restaurant business Mean Noodles with her husband Kevin. Anne and Caroline discuss how the restaurant business is doing, and what their signature dishes are, and what new products they have.

Topics Covered:

00:19 - Anne’s introduction and about her co-host Carol’s restaurant in Hong Kong.

00:41 - Caroline shares about her restaurant business Mean Noodles, in addition to her design practice.

1:09 - Caroline talks about how they operate two businesses.

1:46 - Caroline introduces her husband Kevin and his background.

2:07 - Anne and Caroline discuss why they decided to open a restaurant, which is very different than their interior design business.

2:40 - Caroline shares about the advantages and disadvantages of running two businesses, and how it helps her as a designer, and Kevin’s background in culinary.

4:22 - Caroline talks about the whole design and renovation process, as the designer and the restaurant owner.

5:07 - Anne and Caroline discuss Mean Noodle’s signature dishes, which has been voted best Laksa in Hong Kong.

5:38 - Caroline shares about using their creative background to their advantage, including logo and menu designs.

6:13 - Caroline shares about Kevin’s market adventures on Instagram lives. Follow Kevin to the market on instagram @meannoodles.

7:05 - Anne and Caroline discuss the dine-in restriction with COVID19 challenges, and what’s been happening for the last few months at Mean Noodles.

8:03 - Caroline shares about the launch of their new product InstaLaksa. Next week’s topic is about how Anne ended up in Chicago and how she’s building her career in real estate.

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