Season 1, EPISODE 6

Volunteer work and non-profit involvement

In this episode, Anne and Carol talk about how they spend their time outside of work volunteering with professional and non-profit organizations.

Topics Covered:

02:08 - Anne talks about her volunteer work for CASL (Chinese American Service League).

08:15 - Anne’s CASL Virtual Gala on October 29, 2020

09:38 - Carol shares about her Wellesley AAR (Alumnae Admissions Representative) on interviewing high school students applying to college.

15:00 - Anne talks about how she helps people through her mediation volunteer work at CCR (Center for Conflict Resolution).

20:20 - Carol shares about her architecture volunteer work at AIA (American Institute of Architects) Hong Kong chapter.

In next episode, Anne will share about her acting career.

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