Season 1, EPISODE 7

Anne's acting life, auditions, and how she prepares for her roles.

In this episode, Anne shares how she got into acting and how she prepares for different roles.

Topic covered:

01:13 - Anne talks about her mom being excited for her to start pursuing a career in entertainment after graduation.

02:20 - Anne shares about her lucky moment that she had caught the eye of a casting director and got her first role on an episode of a NBC show.

07:26 - Anne shares about how she met her agent at an event.

09:18 - Anne talks about how she prepares for the role as a new actor.

10:41 - Anne shares about different types of acting classes and she feels lucky to be able to learn from other experienced actors and comedians and receive valuable feedback.

14:21 - Anne shares about how auditions are different now compared to pre-Covid and talks about some advantages of using self-tapes

16:40 - Anne talks about a fun role she had last year in a Peyton Manning commercial.

18:06 - Anne shares that she is currently enrolled in a 8 week advanced scene study workshop that is conducted via zoom.

19:41 - Anne and Carol will talk about their continuing education next episode.

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