Anne's new coffee shop, Tomokohi

In this episode, Anne shares about her up and comping coffee shop, Tomokohi

In loving memory of Dr. Fan

Topic covered:

01:18 - Anne shares about the reason for her to open the coffee shop and the current progress.

03:17- Anne talks about how covid has affected her plans and the concept behind the coffee shop.

06:08 - Anne shares that the coffee shop is her passion project and talks about the reason for her to start a coffee shop which is so different from the job of being a realtor.

09:03 - Anne talks about how she uses her realtor background to her advantage to open a coffee shop.

In the next episode, Anne and Carol will talk about the concept of giving without expectations, and how they’ve learned to manage those expectations.

Check them out on Instagram @tomo.kohi or visit the website at Tomokohi.com

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